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Why You Should Deep Clean Your Solid Hardwood Floors

Deep cleaning is different compared to regular cleaning. Regular cleaning such as sweeping and mopping can leave some dirt behind. For us, we use a special machine to get into the grains and seams of each plank to ensure dirt and grime are removed. Deep cleaning shouldn’t only focus on businesses but also homes deserve to have that care and attention it needs to feel fresh. Here are the benefits of why you should deep clean your floors at least once a year or six months.

Deep cleaning your floors can provide extra protection to them, they clear away harmful particles that can wear down your floor's finish (polyurethane). This helps your floors last longer and prevents them from wearing down and looking dull quicker. Usually, deep cleaning is done in high traffic areas such as the kitchen and the living room. This can improve the air quality in your home and can allow you to breathe in a fresher environment.

Maintaining your floors and conducting a deep clean can save you money in the long run because you are prolonging the need for sanding and refinishing your floors. Dirt, dust, and particles act as abrasives to your floor's finish which can make it look dull. The process can help restore the floors to look brand new if you want to save some money. Keep in mind that deep cleaning will not remove any holes or deep scratches but will bring the polyurethane back to life.

Most importantly, deep cleaning your floors is focused on improving the wellness and comfort of your home. Being able to allow your kids to play in the house without the worry of buildup dirt and bacteria. Using our Bona Power Scrubber to get deep into the grains and cracks of your floors to remove any dirt and dust accumulated in them. This can save you so much money because you are extending the durability of the floor’s polyurethane. Call us to schedule or receive an estimate for a deep cleaning service at 202-425-3208.

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